If you’re a current shareholder or if you’re considering an investment in our stock, we think it’s important to give you a clear picture of how we run our company and how we communicate with shareholders. Our approach to running our business has never relied on the status quo. Because Morningstar does things a little differently, we’d like to give you some guidance on what to expect as a shareholder. Here are some of the key principles we follow in managing the company.

Our Values

Morningstar’s values are the foundation of our company. We use them to guide our business decisions and expect our employees to follow them as well.

Investors come first.

Great products.

Entrepreneurial spirit.

Uncompromising ethics.

Great people.

Financial success.

Key Business Principles

With our company values as our foundation, there are six key principles we plan to follow as a public company.

Stay focused on helping investors.

Maximize long-term results.

No financial forecasts.

Communicate with candor.

Management aligned with shareholders.

Key business measures.

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